Offering fresh & healthy range of Indian Green Mung Beans, Indian Wheat, Bajra Seeds, etc., at inexpensive prices.

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Offering fresh & healthy range of Indian Green Mung Beans, Indian Wheat, Bajra Seeds, etc., at inexpensive prices.

About Us

For many generations, the agricultural sector has been one of the largest contributor of the economy and consists of many companies, each looking to establish themselves in the market and one of them is our company, Gajanan Agro Industries. Since the year 2013, we have been working as a manufacturer and supplier of a varied range of agricultural products which includes Fresh Green Mung Beans, Indian Wheat, Indian Green Mung Beans etc. All of our fresh and healthy products are prepared in the most hygienic environment, by following all the industrial standards. Because of our high quality of products, we have been able to increase their popularity in the agriculture sector and we aim to grow their reach more in the future.

Market Reputation

For a business to obtain a powerful name in the marketplace, there are many factors responsible but the first and foremost plan of action is to identify the target audience and build the marketing strategy accordingly. Although, for us it never was a difficulty as, we are backed by a wide industrial knowledge according to which we have devised following of the strategies:
  • We conduct steadfast market analysis and consecutively upgrade our product range.
  • We always keep nominal pricing of our products as compared to the others.
  • We understand the requirements of the customers and offer them the best solution from our end.
  • We recognize our competitors which helps us in being unique from the others.

Overview Of The Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry is one of the most important industries as it deals with the processing of the food products and because of their high importance, the produced goods should be hygienic and of good quality. But in the recent times, to complete the demands, many companies ought to lose the quality. Unlike others, at, Gajanan Agro Industries, we focus on both the factors, we maintain the highest quality of the food products including Indian Green Mung Beans, Fresh Green Mung Beans, Indian Wheat etc., and also fulfill the high demands of the customers within the time frame. This is what makes us stand out from the others in the agriculture industry and we guarantee to keep delivering at this grace in the future. 
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